We offer long lasting quality plywood for your interior.

We deals in all leading brands of plywood like, Green Ply, Century Ply, Kit Ply, Nocte Ply, etc.

  • Marine Plywood (IS:710) made from gurjan wood.
  • Marine Plywood (IS:710) made from hardwood
  • MR. Grade Plywood (IS:303) made from hardwood.
  • MR. Grade Plywood (IS:303) made from alternate wood.
  • MR. Grade Plywood (IS:303) general purpose plywood.
  • Flexi Plywood, made from gurjan wood.
  • Block boards and flush door (made from 100% pine wood)
  • Birth Ply (Birch is of uniform consistency and it has excellent strength, peeling and gluing properes)

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